" Slowdown fears enhance appeal of essential sectors

The TSX cashed in on optimism in energy stocks with a slight gain of 0.07 per cent.
Fission Uranium - Core filing at Fission Uranium's Patterson Lake South property.

" Recession-proofing through diversified upside potential

Canadian investors ended the week on an optimistic note amid tech layoffs and strong retail sales data.

" The stage is set for a stock picker’s market

The TSX rose by 0.74 per cent on Friday, supported by gains in gold and materials stocks.

" Tech closes out strong despite macro headwinds

The TSX added 1.58 per cent on Friday on decreasing wages and a firm gold price against a weaker dollar.

" Commodities and an all-weather name to take into Christmas weekend

Despite a major winter storm rushing across the country, the TSX found reasons for cheer.

" Caution drives interest towards metals and tech

It has not been a good week for the stock market, as Canada’s main stock exchange had its second consecutive weekly loss.
Nextech AR Solutions - Nextech's ARway spatial computing platform in action.

" Three prospects to thrive through a potential slowdown

The TSX closed down by 0.11 per cent supported by higher commodity stocks.

" Dovish central bank statements fuel market rally

The TSX continued its 45-day, 12-per-cent rally closing with a gain of 0.2 per cent.

" As the index dips, tech comes to the rescue

The performance of the TSX this week is chipping away at the gains that have been recorded in the past month.

" Investors spread interest in tech, media and mining in response to volatility

Even though the Canadian stock index, last Friday, hit its highest point since September 19, volatility has dogged its performance this week.

" Strong brands and prospective resource plays round off the week

The TSX eked out gains of 0.62 per cent on Friday due to lower precious metal and crude prices.

" Tech, energy stocks sway investors

As investors await the October 26 announcement of interest rates by the Bank of Canada, the Canadian economy keeps creating confusion in the

" Rare metals and proprietary tech top this week’s market movers

The TSX closed down by 1.54 per cent led by losses in energy and materials stocks.

" Investors diversify their interest as the index swings

The stock market has moved like a pendulum this week, swinging high up and down, causing palpitations for many investors.

" As the market falls, investors turn to tech stocks

Canadians received news from Statistics Canada this week that inflation dropped to 7.0 per cent in August.

" Investors turn to miners for macro edge

Due to higher-than-expected U.S. inflation, investors are warming to the prospects of mining stocks.

" As market rebounds, investors pay attention to metals

In response to Wednesday’s 75-basis point interest rate increase by the Bank of Canada, the central Canadian banks increased their prime lending rates

" Market weakness makes a case for cross-industry exposure

With markets rattled by a slowing global economy, investors should be cautious about sticking to what they know.

" Mining sector pulls more interest

This week, our investment-savvy readers have shown a particular interest in mining companies, ranking them as the top three most-read stories.

" Miners highlight the role of commodities in your portfolio

As supply chain constraints linger across the globe, prospective commodity allocations are front and centre.